McMinn County Center for
Educational Excellence

3 S. Hill Street
Athens, TN 37303


Mickey Blevins 423-745-1612  Extn: 1310
Director of Schools Email Mickey Blevins
Norma Barham 423-745-1612  Extn: 1325
Coordinated School Health Supervisor Email Norma Barham
Russ Barnett 423-745-1252
Transportation Supervisor Email Russ Barnett
John Burroughs 423-745-1612  Extn: 1308
Secondary Education Supervisor Email John Burroughs
Ron Creasman 423-745-1612  Extn: 1311
Special Education Supervisor Email Ron Creasman
Roger Freeman 423-745-1612  Extn: 1321
Safety Supervisor Email Roger Freeman
Melasawn Knight 423-745-1612  Extn: 1309
Early Education Supervisor Email Melasawn Knight
Rebecca Morgan 423-745-1612  Extn: 1001
Federal Projects Supervisor Email Rebecca Morgan
Lee Parkison 423-745-1612  Extn: 1002
Student Management Supervisor Email Lee Parkison
Elizabeth Pierce 423-745-1612  Extn: 1307
Career & Technical Education Supervisor Email Elizabeth Pierce
Jill Pierce 423-745-1612  Extn: 1000
Chief Technology Officer Email Jill Pierce
Sarah Prince 423-745-1612  Extn: 1317
Food Services Supervisor Email Sarah Prince
Diane Vinson 423-745-1612  Extn: 1305
Elementary Supervisor Email Diane Vinson
Kim Bivens 423-745-1612  Extn: 1301
Administrative Assistant to the Director of Schools Email Kim Bivens
Angie Bryan 423-745-1612  Extn: 1302
Elementary Secretary Email Angie Bryan
Mike Clay 423-745-1612  Extn: 1322
Database Administrator Email Mike Clay
Sandy Hodges 423-745-1612  Extn: 1300
Receptionist Email Sandy Hodges
Steve Hull 423-745-1612  Extn: 1313
School Psychologist Email Steve Hull
Dr. Melissa Kinser 423-745-1612  Extn: 1314
School Psychologist Email Dr. Melissa Kinser
Christy Roberts 423-745-1612  Extn: 1304
Human Resources Email Christy Roberts
Kim Simpson 423-745-1612  Extn: 1303
Federal Programs Secretary Email Kim Simpson
Jackie Snyder 423-745-1612  Extn: 1316
Food Services Secretary Email Jackie Snyder
McMinn County School System | 3 South Hill St., Athens, TN 37303 | P: (423) 745-1612